I've been upstate for two wintery months where I know no one. I was meant to be writing but mostly I just got colds, watched Netflix, alternately tried to forget or remember why I came here and wondered why I wasn't crying more.
  1. Upstate: come get away from it all. Except yourself. You can never get away from yourself.
  2. Upstate: where your sadness is the loudest sound
  3. Upstate: a place where you can finally admit you're a naturally depressive person.
  4. Upstate: where most businesses are only open on the weekend.
  5. Upstate: a place to reflect. And then later remember your solitude as a missed opportunity
  6. Upstate: incase you need convincing to stay in the city. (Unless you have a family, then you're moving here no matter what)
  7. Upstate: catch up on your drinking!
  8. Upstate: because if you're going to face your shortcomings you might as well have a beautiful view.
  9. Upstate: don't expect us to shovel.
  10. Upstate: Skype your therapist from here