Things A 25 Year Old Shouldn't Be Afraid Of

  1. Quicksand
  2. Opening my blinds and finding a murderer on my fire escape
  3. When you can hear someone walking in a stairwell but can't see them
    And if they're whistling, I immediately text my mom how much I love her and promise to watch over my sister
  4. Being chased up the stairs
  5. All ice breaker activities at work
  6. Long car rides with a socially awkward human
  7. Having a microphone when intoxicated
  8. Answering my bosses office line and not being able to understand anything the person is saying
  9. Waking up blind
  10. Getting stuck in an elevator without a cell phone
  11. My shoelace getting caught in an escalator
  12. Reading my recent Google searches out loud to a room full of coworkers
  13. Anything touching me in the ocean
  14. Governor Ratcliff from Pocahontas
  15. The sound of static television
    Go back in your well, Samara