1. Cats
    Have developed fondness for the felines in the last few years
  2. Chocolate
    My one and only vice
  3. Chicken
    When I think food, it's the only essential ingredient, after salt of course
  4. Cheese
    Nothing can quite replicate the flavor and texture of Amul. Is it the milk source I wonder
  5. Coffee
    The little bean is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key
  6. Charm
    Something I use to my advantage and be liked by people around
  7. Clothes
    Once obsessed about them, I now prefer quality over quantity
  8. Carrot
    They did squat for my eyesight by I used to enjoy coming on them like Detective
  9. Coast
    The crashing of the waves against the sand banks is the only place my mind finds calm
  10. Coloring
    My jumbo coloring book rescued me decades before adult coloring books became fashionable