We played a festival called Soundset this weekend put on by the indie hip hop juggernaut Rhymesayers. It was pouring the entire time. This is my perspective (of everything except our set).
  1. Slug (Atmosphere)
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    This dude is Rhymesayers. Incredibly down to earth and humble. I caught him like this, chilling by himself with a cigarette enjoying his surroundings several times throughout the day. Congrats on 20 years man.
  2. Ludacris in the Rain
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    It probably rained the hardest during Ludas set which made people go nuts. He rolled out hit after hit and asked girls in the crowed if they wanted to take one of the 3 extra seats on his private plane going back to Atlanta. His TM was so intensely focused on us not getting too close from side stage that he completely missed a kid jumping on stage and getting tossed by Luda. Dude can still put on a good show.
  3. Phone Tag
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    This is just adorable. I saw this in our hotel elevator everyday and honestly what's to hate.
  4. Big sean
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    I've never seen anyone so focused on praying before a show but whatever he was doing seemed to work because everyone lost it during this set. His backing band slayed and that goregous custom kit sounded incredible from where I was standing.
  5. Rap Roulette
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    This dude was on stage right as we got to First Ave. He was sitting infront of a laptop which was angled at makeshift dorm room backdrop complete with Bob Marley and Fear and Loathing posters. He freestyled over some boom bap beats about whoever stuck around long enough to see they were on stage with him. Yes, we all cheered at the many dicks that popped up. Can't remember his name- maybe ice something? Interesting live show.
  6. Purple Rain
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    Pretty big Prince fan over here so I was awestruck walking into First Ave for the post festival party. So many ridiculous shows have happened here and the walls are covered with important shows/artists. Also just PURPLE FUCKING RAIN MAN.