No matter where you go, everything falls apart on a daily basis.
  1. Herniated Disk
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    On an off day in Melbourne, Australia last year we decided to go to the beach to watch the gathering of these penguins or something stupid like that. While goofing around I decided to do a backflip off the embankment which dropped about 4 feet to the sand. As I landed on the sandy slope- I didn't bend my knees so the impact was absorbed entirely by my back. I've done yoga and stretched every morning since to regain my strength. This was all captured on film.
  2. Food Poisoning
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    I was touring do the math.
  3. Infected Nerve
    I used to engineer at a film scoring studio called Remote Control and while working obscene hours I would stuff my face with candy to deal with the stress. One day I cracked a molar on some nerds and didn't do anything about it until we were on a Europe run and the nerve got infected in Vienna. I couldn't sleep lying down and eventually was taking handfuls of Nurofen and consuming as much cold water as I could to numb the pain. Two weeks later upon our arrival in the US I got my only root canal.
  4. Head Colds
    All. The. Fucking. Time.
  5. 2nd Degree Burn
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    I spent last summer in mainly a bathing suit sweating my way around the U.S. and Canada on the 20th year of warped tour. Speaking of sweat- we were pounding these Monster branded waters that made us look like we were pouring tons of energy drink down our throats. Brilliant but sinister marketing. Fuck them. Anyway, I got away from the tour for a night and grabbed fajitas at a random Mexican spot in Houston. Burnt the fuck out of my arm on the plate. Still have the scar.