I somehow fucked up my sleep schedule pretty badly on day 1 of this trip even though I consider myself a seasoned vet. This is how I've passed the time.
  1. Walked the esplanade.
    I actually highly recommend this.
  2. Shaved.
    Baby face status.
  3. Reorganized my bag.
  4. Stretched/did yoga in the bathroom.
    My brother who just so happens to be deaf is out like a log but I still can't turn on the lights although I can make all the awkward stretch related noises and grunts I want.
  5. Watched Kingsman.
  6. Checked my phone every 5 fucking seconds.
  7. Got tired of checking my phone.
  8. Wrote a list.
  9. Checked to see if anyone cares about this list.
  10. Watched the sun come up. Fuuuuccckkkkk.