Things That I've Learned in 18 Years

  1. You'll never know if you never try
    I tried out a lot of things. Some things worked out, some didn't, but I'm glad that I took a chance instead of thinking of what could've been.
  2. Friends come and go
    The people I had an instant connection with are still my friends. But there were a lot of people on the way who made the definition of friendship very confusing.
  3. It's better to do things yourself
    Doing things yourself is the best way to get it done exactly how you want it to be. Depending on others means that you'll have to rely on them, and that doesn't always turn out well.
  4. Be friendly
    Being polite and kind to others goes a long way in making things happen. People want to be treated with respect, and if you do that, they'll be much more eager to help you.
  5. Everyone's lost
    It seems like everyone around you has everything planned out, but they actually have no clue what they're doing. Everyone's just trying to figure life out and find what makes them happy.