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    My Yearbook Quote
    It was an awesome quote from one of my favorite books, Let The Great World Spin. We read this book my senior year of high school and I became so obsessed with it that I just stayed up looking up quotes that felt "Graduation-y" Now that I look back on it, it seems too serious. I would like to change it to something that matches my personality and something I could laugh at.
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    Not Writing Enough
    I had the amazing opportunity and the unlimited access to my school's newspaper. I was one of the editors and it was our first year so I had a lot of freedom as to what content was put up. However, at that time I wasn't too focused on writing about issues that I felt connected to so I neglected it. I wish I could have access to another platform like that where my voice was really being heard and where I could hone my skills.
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    Freshman Year
    I went to a relatively small school. It was 400 or so people total and about 110 kids in my graduating class. I wish I had realized the importance of being myself from a young age. I spent too much time being in my shell in 9th grade and not truly shining until my senior year. To be fair, I didn't know what "being myself" meant in 9th grade.
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  1. Grey's Anatomy
    Two years ago, I began the journey of 10 seasons in 4 months with the thanks of Netflix. I admit my grades did suffer while I was swooning over Taylor Swift playing in the background as Owen and Christina kissed for the first time but nonetheless! I wish for this show to go on for 23 seasons and flourish into something even greater. 12 seasons and still as good as ever, I love you Shonda.
  2. The Mindy Project
    I love and I laugh. I like shows that I've watched since the beginning and it's just as exciting waiting till its 12:00 every some Tuesday to watch the episode on Hulu as it was back in 2012. Morgan's love for Mindy gives me hope that I too will have a hopelessly devoted man in my life on day. And then I'll fall in love with another man while my Morgan picks up my drugs.
  3. Broad City
    I started watching this show because my my senior year English teacher said me and my friend reminded her of the girls from Broad City. Obviously, I had to go check out who they were. And I now see how I, Abbi, have an Ilana in my life. Their adventures while slightly different from ours, embody the New York story.
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