1. My Yearbook Quote
    It was an awesome quote from one of my favorite books, Let The Great World Spin. We read this book my senior year of high school and I became so obsessed with it that I just stayed up looking up quotes that felt "Graduation-y" Now that I look back on it, it seems too serious. I would like to change it to something that matches my personality and something I could laugh at.
  2. Not Writing Enough
    I had the amazing opportunity and the unlimited access to my school's newspaper. I was one of the editors and it was our first year so I had a lot of freedom as to what content was put up. However, at that time I wasn't too focused on writing about issues that I felt connected to so I neglected it. I wish I could have access to another platform like that where my voice was really being heard and where I could hone my skills.
  3. Freshman Year
    I went to a relatively small school. It was 400 or so people total and about 110 kids in my graduating class. I wish I had realized the importance of being myself from a young age. I spent too much time being in my shell in 9th grade and not truly shining until my senior year. To be fair, I didn't know what "being myself" meant in 9th grade.
  4. Drunken Mishaps
    Oh to be young and have access to alcohol! I don't think people realize that young teenagers are only so eager to get their hands on really shitty, taste identical to hospital grade rubbing alcohol (I'm look at you, Georgi) because the legal age is 21! If it wasn't so glorified, I would probably have saved face a couple of times in high school and not fell about 15 times in my barely 2 inch heels at my friend's 16th birthday party.
  5. SATs
    I'm a fairly intelligent person. I'm ridiculously lazy and unwilling to realize the consequences until it's too late but intelligent nonetheless. One thing that I really, really, really wish I could take back was the time I spent not studying for the SATs. Don't get me wrong, I would never want to be in that position ever again and the next standardized test I'm going to be taking is 3 years in the future for law school but it was an opportunity wasted!
  6. Here and There
    There are other things like, friends and crushes and teachers but the few things I listed are the things that I will probably think of as "regrets" of high school. I was privileged enough to go to one of the best high schools in NYC and I didn't take advantage of it. I'm slowly learning that nothing is as important as my education and I can't wait for the future! ❤️