I saw this feature in Glamour mag but I am too antsy to wait for them to interview moi.
  1. MIA
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    Many folks today categorize MIA as slightly out of touch, a symbol for girls who don't know politics, a girl who doesn't know that much about politics herself. Those folks are wrong, FYI. MIA was the first truly woke woman (not girl, assholes) I was ever exposed to and her music was always 🔥🔥🔥 (esp bc no one at school listened to her too)
  2. Sofia Coppola
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    Film is art, and she helped me realize that. And maybe in your head you're thinking, 'well, that's some art 101 shit she thinks is good,' to which I say F off, dilettantes, because you can't touch the coppolas
  3. Rory Gilmore
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    Girls can read and use big words and boys still like them! Super big teen inspo to me
  4. JK Rowling
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    Roll deep w hp
  5. Mindy Kaling
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    A woman of color unafraid to embrace the conventions of romantic comedy, who writes her own parts and doesn't super care if you're not into it. Me as hell
  6. The Riot Grrrl, as a concept
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    I grew up in a small-ish conservative place. The internet was my only resource for the itching desire (need) I had to know more. When I learned about riot grrrl as a young, preteen grrrl myself, I was blown away. I also pictured the riot grrrl as my best self, with cool hair and flared jeans and platform Skechers, too intelligent to deal with your bullshit. Every day I try to be that Riot Grrrl (but in better clothes).
  7. Jenny Lewis
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    Cool girls sing like real singers. Cool girls write down their feelings into a permanent form. Cool girls synthesize the world into art. AND ARE REALLY FUCKING COOL. It's so fucking beautiful.
  8. Marie Curie
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    Did a research project on her in 8th grade. Reframed my sense of femininity. Marie lived her art, so I try to too.
  9. Boudicca
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    UMMM British queen in antiquity who fought the Romans??? William Wallace who??????
  10. Diablo Cody
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    Honestly? The reason I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.