I realize making this list is utterly destroying my chances at ever getting a job I want, but I need an outlet. Add yours! And lmk if you're a movie person hiring young dumb people!
  1. When I mentioned that my father was in the military, and my mother is from South Korea, my now-boss asked me if they met during the Korean War. You know, the war in the 1950s. I was born in the 90s. Also what
    Happened at the interview for my current job, haha. Hahahah. Please see my list: things my white coworkers should not have said to me today.
  2. During an informational phone interview with an alum from my school, I had the concept of the entertainment industry mansplained to me.
    I made an offhand comment about how I feel a little like I'm "floating around" post grad, and it turned into five minutes of "you really need to be more aggressive. This industry is REALLY competitive. You can't be disingenuous about your goals." I put the phone down at this point
  3. After my interview, I was asked via email for my ideas on a small company's YouTube video title cards, so I storyboarded my ideas with full explanations. Then they asked for fully rendered pieces???
    I interviewed for an exec assistant position to a woman with a choppy bob and clicky shoes (more like her personal asst tbh), and her head writer also talked to me about "possibly editing for us, and can you use InDesign? Oh my god, you can use AfterEffects? That would help us out SO much, we wouldn't have to hire out an effects guy!" Like yes, many companies do this, but they could have hidden it a little better. This is mostly terrible because it was my first interview in Los Angeles.
  4. CEO asked me to describe my good qualities. I said I was genuinely nice and patient with people. He said, "we actually like people who are a little bit mean." ??? ok BYE
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  5. My mom once had an interview where the male interviewer asked "So like..... if you're on your period..... you're not gonna be all crazy and hormonal, are you?"
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