Also using this opp to beg the general listing public for a ticket to the jenny lewis rabbit fur coat LA anniversary show in January that sold out in like an hour in October
  1. Haim (troubadour, april)
    Haim and FRIENDS, so besides my middle parted favs, I saw Kesha (!), ed droste, Laura marling, and Jenny Lewis (the only person I have yelled 'yaaassss kweeeeen' at with no irony, she is my personal inspiration, a hero, the pinnacle of artistry, I could go on for an infinite number of lists about her!!! Please sell me a ticket to her show.)
  2. Fleetwood Mac (forum, april)
    My friend scored free tix! But it's not like Stevie nicks can be improved upon.
  3. Best coast (the echo, March)
    Second time seeing BC, first show I saw after moving to LA, in my now favorite venue.
  4. Tobias jesso, Jr. (the echo, april)
    To-bae-as jesso Jr.
  5. Bully (the echo, October)
    I ultimately decided against bringing a sign to the show that read "but what does Steve albini eat for breakfast????" I probably should have. Either way, excellent live show. Everyone should listen to Bully.
  6. Silversun pickups (Masonic lodge, September)
    Excellent venue, great performance! But way too hot 😓😓
  7. Rita Ora (el Rey, September)
    The convenience fees cost more than the tickets
  8. Kurt vile (Fonda, October)
    I only mildly like Kurt vile's music, but the friend I went with is a huge fan. Mitigated by the fact that I saw carrie fucking brownstein in the bathroom
  9. Sturgill Simpson (Ace Hotel, November)
    Beautiful venue, I loved sitting. I went with a friend who is a fan. It was a fine show, just not my favorite. I do like country music though, trust