If you don't know what the spoilers are for, that's probably for the best.
  1. I've never been so upset and my high school crush had a really mean girlfriend so my standard for that is really high
  2. Goodbye my lover
  3. Goodbye my bae
  4. That's probably not blood
  5. Like literally fuck off George RR Martin
  6. Bae-reavement. Haha
  7. I could survive a stabbing like that probably
  8. Oh my god I have to go to work tomorrow? Shit my life
  9. I wish I had some pizza
  10. I'm so glad I steal this show
  11. I have like 5 really clever lists in my drafts but I would rather punch out my feelings real quick about this that is how mad I am
  12. What the hell is that actual vomit in my mouth