Merry Christmas! Celebrate the favs who look like me and you (presuming you are also part Asian)
  1. Chrissy Teigen
    Current kween of me. Part Thai, all me. And her mom is my mom
  2. Chad Michael Murray
    A bae who only got more bae when I found out he was a member of the tribe
  3. Kristin Kreuk
    The only reason I started smallville tbh. One of the earliest hapas I was ever exposed to
  4. Ne-Yo
    So sick of the world erasing his Chinese ness (no not really tbh it's more complicated than that I just wanted to use that joke)
  5. Lindsay Price
    Her ep of Boy Meets World taught me more about the racism I would experience than school ever did
  6. Maggie Q
    I knew my ex liked me when someone asked him "who's hotter? Maggie Q or Lucy Liu?" And he said Maggie Q without hesitating (or noticing I was right there) (this was a doomed relationship for a lot of reasons but this should have been a red flag)
  7. Summer Glau
    She is Asian no matter what she says
  8. JGL
    Like, come on. See above. He's honorary at LEAST
  9. Karen O
    Can't spell badass without "Karen O queen of the new New York art punks when Kim Gordon moved to Massachusetts who owns your ass"
  10. Dean Cain
    In the words of J Mulaney my boy, is that? Dean? Cain?
  11. Charli XCX
    Cute venom
  12. Apolo Anton Ohno
    Apolo Anton oh no he's hot
  13. KT Tunstall
    She sang that horse cherry tree song! Down w her vibes
  14. Hines Ward
    Better at sports than me, better spokesman for the people than me
  15. Devon Aoki and Moon Bloodgood
    Two models/actors I get confused all the time because of their similar faces and round names but they are cool even if I am obtuse
  16. Naomi Campbell
    B I T C H
  17. Kimora Lee
    Once I interned at a reality tv company, and I got to sit in on an editing session with the producers. They were trying to identify the brand of coat with large logo a little black toddler girl was wearing and I, the only nonwhite non middle class fuck in the room, had to tell them it was Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons. So a great day for hapas
  18. Keanu
    Last, but never least. For god so loved the world he sent his one and only son, Keanu. Who will save us all
  19. Malese Jow
    The one and only Geena Fabiano.
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