Actually just what should I hang above my bed
  1. I like my room. But the big empty space above my bed needs to be filled.
  2. This is my room. It is small. The space above my bed is large.
  3. Clockwise from bed, we have my I Want To Believe poster. It is one of my most treasured possessions and has lasted 5 years and 8 addresses, hence its beleaguered appearance. Do NOT even talk to me about the premiere tomorrow (obviously, yes, talk to me about it.)
  4. In the corner is a little white/birch Target-purchased desk I use to stack bills I don't want. I don't have a picture of it because I don't feel like standing up to take a picture of it.
  5. This is my Whitney shrine bookcase and Jenny Lewis poster.
  6. The back of my door has a list of the major concert venues in LA. I printed it out from the LA Times when I moved here.
  7. Next to my door is a 2015 calendar, a 2016 calendar, blasphemy beads, and some photos.
  8. On my closet door is a neat hanging I got at a church market in the Chicago suburbs.
  9. My gnome lamp that captures the real me
  10. Photo strings hanging from a string of lights (this is pretty basic but the most functional setup)
  11. And here's that big empty space again.
  12. So what should I hang here?
  13. I was thinking something like:
  14. But if I can find something that ups the punks for cheaper I would consider.
  15. Down with capitalism, up with aesthetics. Help me please
  16. This doesn't really help with that space, but you could tape an X on your window.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  17. Etsy
    Idk if this will help you but Etsy is having a featured editors pick for wall art and other room supplies and I saw some pretty cool stuff there if you wanna check it out.
    Suggested by   @itsamaya