Inspired by @Nicholas, any chance to brand myself
  1. Breakfast
    Greek yogurt, a mango, scrambled eggs with cholula, while wearing your queen Helene mint masque
  2. Drink
    Ginger ale (made with sugar, not corn syrup), the lightest splash of red fruit punch to make it pink, on the rocks with a black straw so that your friends think it has alcohol
  3. Sandwich
    Whole grain bread (extra points if it resembles bird seed or has 'ancient' somewhere in its name), toasted with avocado slices smashed on one slice with salt and pepper, then extra ripe tomato slices, salad mix, extra spicy pepper jack cheese or maybe Swiss if I'm feeling cultured, pesto mayo, other slice of bread, then sliced into triangles
  4. Bagel
    Onion with cream cheese, lox, tomatoes, and capers from your favorite bagel shop in Manhattan beach, staring out the window hoping Manhattan b's most famous resident, Zooey d, also likes this bagel shop
  5. Soup
    Chicken red lentil stew but eat around the chicken pieces
  6. Garbage meal (when you're out of everything else)
    Rice cooked in a pot because you haven't bought a rice cooker yet, old seaweed crumbled up, a fried egg, edamame, some kimchi or sriracha, then text a pic of it to your mom to prove to her you haven't forgotten your culture