A snippet of some things that encapsulate what I like
  1. Amandla stenberg and jaden smith at prom
    Cyber-goth-futurist-industrial/PoC being weird in public places
  2. Literal cut and paste
    I make small dumb collages and scan them in to my blog, like a dinosaur
  3. A studio ghibli movie, but a nightmare
    I wish Totoro had eaten someone
  4. Christmastime happiness despite being totally miserable
    Put on a sweater and a smile, you fucks
  5. Jordan catalano
    Take it from me, never compare a boy you really know to JC because at some point he will disappoint you, but Jordan never will, because Jordan exists only in 1995
  6. Romeo + Juliet
    The purest aesthetical list item here! Tragic love, bastardization of Catholicism, rock n roll crying---all majority stakeholders in my aesthetic.