I know none of my 5 followers could give a shit but I love inward thinking!!
  1. Weeks on List App: 17
  2. Person who invited me: @aprilkquioh
    When you getting to LA
  3. Lists made: enough
  4. Lists liked: 200
    Coincidentally also the highest I can count in Korean #mixedgirlproblems
  5. Most popular list: My Aesthetic
    Surprised even me
  6. My lowkey favorite list of mine: Names of My Crushes, K-12
  7. List I should probably delete: My Ex Got A Bad Haircut
    Hi bae
  8. Drafts languishing: 9
    I've had a great My So-Called Life themed one but the idea hasn't straightened itself out yet
  9. Emojis used: NOT ENOUGH
    Saving it for the general public
  10. Favorite Listers: I think all of you! Especially if I follow you!
    If I had to pick A FEW, then I'd say @RachelP, @mallofamanda, @sky, @ChrisK, @aprilkquioh, @hannieshit AMONG HUNDREDS OF OTHERS
  11. See you on the other side, sisters