I made this into a hand-cut-and-pasted collage in 2014. It still all applies —
  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    He is referred to by his real name here because this is a love that has lasted for nearly 20 years now
  2. Theo Huxtable
  3. Greg
    I'll be your supernova girl
  4. Pepito
  5. Gerald
    Simba was hot, Gerald was cute, and Twister had a skateboard. Gerald is the most bf material here, however. I'm Phoebe ask anyone
  6. Johnny Tsunami
  7. Gordo
  8. Jess
  9. George-Michael Bluth
    "I don't know, I just feel like I'm supposed to marry him." -real journal excerpt, 12 Oct 07
  10. Seth Cohen
  11. Jim Halpert
    I can quote his Casino Night speech anytime any place
  12. Jordan Catalano
  13. Fox Mulder
  14. Jon Snow
    Exclusively referred to as bae
  15. Notably excluded:
    Steve Urkel - my mom asked what my boyfriend was up to whenever I watched a family matters rerun. He was just a friend