It was a whirlwind
  1. Got new tires on my car
    This is the most money I've ever spent at one time
  2. Ate 5/6 meals at restaurants
    Haven't done this since college I'm basically a lush of fast casual dining
  3. Went to the mall
    The big one in Torrance because I Meant Business
  4. Bullied by a seagull
    I took my lunch to the beach and tried to eat a peaceful meal on the waterfront but a big fucking bird landed on my table and wouldn't leave and only inched closer to my sandwich so I just left
  5. Got my Halloween costume figured out
    I'm not telling
  6. Caught up on Jane the virgin and how to get away with murder
    The only network shows I keep up with! I love them both so much
  7. Tried looking for a Christmas gift for my two best friends who live out of state
    Neither have been to California so I thought I'd get them some cheesy LA souvenirs but I didn't find anything that hit the sweet spot between cheese and actual thoughtfulness. Mostly just magnets
  8. Contemplated my creative stagnancy
    I'm always exhausted now. That doesn't help the ideas I want to make real
  9. Visited a friend in the hospital
    She has a private room at Cedars Sinai. She's basically Blue Ivy!
  10. Made my lunches for this week
    Still doing this. I'm making sweet potato/pesto wraps that I can freeze and grab in the mornings
  11. Considered love
    Past, current, the concept itself
  12. Breezed through portlandia
    I also love this show, but I've had it on mostly in the background of my puttering around the apartment