Not necessarily things that still hold influence over me, though. An important distinction to make
  1. Give Me a Break by John Stossel (and Ayn Rand, duh)
    The same forces that told me how Atlas Shrugged was COMMON SENSE CAPITALIST EXCEPTIONALISM showed me how TRULY TRUE this book and his 20/20 segments were. This was the ultimate representation of how a selfish teenager could use the words of two crazy people to create a world view predicated on the good inherent in selfishness. Yes, this is very embarrassing now, but don't all good progressives start with an objectivist libertarian period?
  2. The Screen Savers
    Aired from when I was 6-13. My dad watched this religiously. I gained a love of technology and calming voices. Miss u, Tech TV.
  3. The movie What Lies Beneath starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford
    Was terrified of Harrison Ford and bathtubs for a long time
  4. Jellybean Macs
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    Defined my tech prefs for a time (bright colors, round edges, clacky buttons)
  5. The Practice
    As in the 97-04 ABC drama. Looked really unfun and scary and nobody was young or pretty, so I assumed lawyers were sad scary people and nothing I wanted anything to do with.