1. Making enough money to live modestly
    Money is my main/only stressor at this juncture in my life, because I do not make enough to live completely independently! My working class parents still help me out with some things (car insurance, cell phone bill), and I, as a first generation college graduate intent on being an Artist, am ashamed of this. I am very lucky to be getting any help at all, because some people get none. But I can't talk about this to anyone I know because these middle class fucks find it rude to discuss $
  2. Not being a glasses person
    I had no self esteem growing up, but now I do! But sometimes in the back of my mind, I get a tickle of a thought of how my life would be different if I didn't wear glasses. This may seem trivial, but how many of People's Most Beautiful wear glasses?
  3. Being able to swim
    Can't. Waiting for California to fall into the ocean any minute now
  4. Freeing myself of things that make me feel bad
    Like my anxiety, or toxic relationships. But it's very hard.