I'm so uncomfortable
  1. She made my dad stop drinking
    This is uncomfortable
  2. I need to use glycerine for the eczema on my hands and sometimes the tips of my hair if it's dry
    Girl I am not sure I am not black
  3. You can sub more butter for shortening in cookie recipes
  4. Do I eat enough kale?
  5. Do I eat enough meat?
  6. She made some new white friends
    New neighbors
  7. She hasn't talked to a Korean friend since May
    My dad got drunk at a party at their house and she got really mad and now I am so uncomfortable
  8. Do I drink apple cider vinegar in the morning?
    Not often
  9. I need to make my own pickles
  10. The world is very violent today so I should be careful
  11. She just made like 8 dozen cookies I gotta taste test them all
  12. She hasn't asked yet if I have a boyfriend but I have 10 days left
    She usually asks when we're in a moving car so I can't leave