Upped my estrogen and filled my tear ducts
  1. The movie Trainwreck
    (Spoiler) not even during the cry-y emotional part, it was more steadily throughout
  2. Eye contact I made with an okay-looking guy at a red light
    He was a 6, max, in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. And gone forever
  3. Traffic on the 5
    Fuck this fresh hell
  4. The song 'Brick' by Ben folds five
    I don't even like this song
  5. My job
    It really sucks
  6. My car made a funny noise while driving & I thought a tire blew or the engine was giving out & I thought about how I don't have the money to fix it & it was by a jiffy lube with a sign for a special $ for repairs but it was closed & I started crying bc I had no hope anymore but then looked in my rear view mirror and realized it was a large pothole