Update: I'm emo again
  1. An episode of Smallville with a flashback to Lex Luthor's 10th birthday party that no one attended
    I was maybe 9 when I saw this, and I cried for weeks and weeks. Trays of uneaten party food, themed decorations, and a crying baby. It didn't matter that he was Lex Luthor, because I only saw nobody coming to my party, and nobody caring about me.
  2. Taking a pregnancy test in a house I didn't live in
  3. "Silver Spring" by Fleetwood Mac
    'Could be' is a construction that creates so much tension because it isn't! It only could be!!!
  4. My mother telling me she didn't know how she felt when an old friend died
    "Idk" is a pretty good catchall term for myself, but I didn't think it was inherited.
  5. Realizing I was allergic to cantaloupe