Not counting this year. This might get Too Real
  1. 2014
    Graduated from college, fulfilling my duty as a first generation college student, 2nd generation immigrant, and nth generation of being better than u
  2. 1992
    Was born, you're welcome
  3. 1996
    This little nerd started school 😏
  4. 2007
    The movie Juno was released; the press blitz and overwrought thinkpieces I consumed on teen culture influenced me to the point of motivating me to become a filmmaker. Will let you know when I am one!!!
  5. 1997
    Saw 3rd Rock From the Sun, life forever changed by presence of JGL in it
  6. 2013
    Nothing was the same and neither was I (olds, this is a reference to drake)
  7. 2011
  8. 1998
    Last bday party I had, I got three barbies I already owned. Altogether not terrible
  9. 2000
    I count it as the last year of true innocence
  10. 2008
    Got boobs (again, really sure I wouldn't)
  11. 1999
  12. 1995
  13. 2006
    Got my period, thought I was dying
  14. 2002
  15. 1993
  16. 1994
  17. 2010
    Forced to give a speech at my high school graduation, went to prom alone. Altogether pretty pitiable that year
  18. 2009
  19. 2003
    Middle school, father deployed to Iraq
  20. 2004
    Middle school, father deployed to Iraq
  21. 2005
    Middle school, father deployed to Iraq
  22. 2001
    9/11 as a military child is not an experience I would wish on my worst enemy
  23. 2012
    I had my first real relationship and was broken up with in A Bad Way. A close friend I had grown apart from committed suicide, a best friend attempted suicide, and 3/5 close friends were diagnosed with bipolar disorder and/or depression. And I was growing out a perm