Things I want to so in my life
  1. Meet&Greet with @Debby (The Never Ending too)
    She's my idol. I love her. My dream since I was 11. Now I'm 15. i don't want to wait anymore
  2. A trip to Texas (Austin, Huston, Dallas)
    I always wanted to go there
  3. A concert and a Meet&Greet with R5
    I love their music, I love the lyrics. I love them all so freaking much
  4. Get the best job ever
    I want to do something I love
  5. Find a person who loves me with my soul
    Why do all the people look at your outfit? You have to see somebody's beautiful soul
  6. A trip to LA, Las Vegas, New York
    Why not? I want to see every famous sight
  7. And my biggest dream (secret)
    I always wanted that my 16th Birthday will be like Abby's in 16 Wishes. Tbh I have my list since 2012