She means the world to me! I love you so much @Debby ❤️
  1. Perfection
    because she's beautiful outside and inside.
  2. Angel
    because she gives every fan motivation and she tries to help them (us).
  3. Lifesaver
    because she helps me when I'm down and she gives me the feeling that I deserve it to live. And she makes me confident and strong. She also makes me to believe in myself and she taught me to be myself isn't wrong.
  4. (alien) Queen
    because I'm her alien and she's my alien queen.
  5. the best actress
    because she's the best actress in the whole world
  6. the best singer
    because she's the best singer.
  7. my love
    because she's my everything.
  8. Abby, Bailey, Jessie, Tara
    her old role names
  9. idol
    because she's my insperation and I want to be like her.
  10. my funfetti cupcake
    I think you know what I mean.
  11. my kitten
    because she's aus cute as a kitten.