In the words of Elle Woods, we did it!
  1. Dear class of 2016....
    You did it. You managed to survive schooling. Whether it be high school (it was hell I understand you) or undergrad (also hell) you survived 4 years of finals stress, anxiety and exhaustion.
  2. Go ahead, pat ya damn self on the back
    Look at how far you came. Seriously, you climbed that mountain, you conquered feats. Even in your darkest hour, you survived. I'm so proud of you.
  3. If you're headed into college, best of luck to you.
    College was great. I know your family probably says that to you all the time. They said it to me and I disagreed until I walked out of my final class and across the stage.
  4. Know that tough times are ahead.
  5. Don't do relationship thing
    Take it from someone who was in a relationship freshmen-junior year, it stunts your growth as a young, evolving human. It's better to be single, figure yourself out.
  6. Learn how to take care of yourself
    Yes that means laundry and making something other than ramen ;)
  7. Drink water
    Seriously drink a lot of it
  8. Work hard, play hard
    Make sure you've got a solid group of people that you can rely on if you get sloppy
  9. Spread your wings and fly
  10. Know that you're not alone. You will never be alone. If you need to reach out, do so. Don't isolate.
  11. The freshmen 15 is very real. The freshmen 30 is even more real
    I'll never fit into my high school jeggings again, but I don't care!
  12. Never give up ❤️