1. HIIIIIIIII!! My name is Nina
    I'm 23, I like long walks on the beach, sand between my toes.... Ok no I'm totally kidding. I like rainy days, mountain hikes & an excessive amount of coffee
  2. I am the proud "owner"'of a black cat named Prada.
    He's cool. He meows a lot and is big into stalking birds on my balcony
  3. This is Zack, my boyfriend of a year and some change. He's a delicate angel of whom I adore deeply ❤️
    He loves snapchat filters.
  4. I do sales for a job.
    So I basically cold call all day. I don't exactly love it and it's taught me majority of humans are shit but my teammates & experiences I've gained make it worth it.
  5. I've been fighting poor body image issues my entire life.
    My biggest dream is to learn how to love myself.
  6. I really love me some fuckin' food ok.
    My list than gave me a bit of fame on li.st was all about how much of a glutton I am
  7. I'm a runner. I've been running since my sophomore year of college
    My knees hurt and my hips pop but I would NOT trade my ability to run a 5k in 28 minutes for the world.
  8. I also lift weights & ride a bicycle!
    *i hate myself for this picture
  9. My dad, grandpa and mom are my idols
    Featuring Jack in trader joes
  10. I'm a coffee addict. You will never see me without a cup of coffee in my hand.
    I've named my espresso machine Baeville. He's GREAT.
  11. I love stretchy pants
    *love for coffee v obvious (also food)
  12. Zack's dog Wilbur is my best friend
    Us sharing a Popsicle
  13. My human best friend is @jetfuelliz
    She's currently in Germany. She's cool AF 👌🏻
  14. I love snowboarding.
    So much so I got a concussion from it two years ago! (That's my brother Ian. He's had it with me)
  15. I currently live in the mitten (Michigan) but I will be moving to Denver shortly.
    Rich assholes built up the lakeshore in my hometown and here are my feelings about it.
  16. Any questions bout me? Just ask! I am an open book and I'm selfish and love talking about me. Ok bye! ✌🏻️