1. Being late to work because you HAD to pull that extra shot of espresso
  2. Fridge cleaning
    God look at all this spoiled food!!!
  3. When electronics die
  4. Can't get accepted for volunteering
  5. Concert you want to go to gets cancelled
  6. Not being able to watch the "big game"
    Courtesy of my coworker
  7. Having to take headphones out to talk to people
  8. Ac doesn't get cold enough in the car
    Conversely the heat to warm up in the winter
  9. Lines at target are obnoxiously long
  10. Looking at fridge full of food and having NOTHING to eat
    Also having too many groceries in your fridge to fit more food in
  11. When your electronic device that was just new is no longer top of the line
  12. When you're too full
  13. Receiving gifts you didn't really want
    Oh thanks Aunt Sheri I LOVE this orange puffy sweater!