If you happen to know of anyone in need of a body to fill these positions, please inquire at @ninachainz okthx
  1. Provide voiceover for cartoons, audiobooks
    I make a wide variety of weird voices. I'm also really good at annunciation
  2. Podcasts
    Again, I love talking. I think having guests and learning their stories would be fuckin cool. Plus me undies as a sponsor? Count me in
  3. Fitness Coach/Instructor
    To be healthy for my job!!!? Amazing. Also, it's my life goal to be a vegan mountain climber who works part time in a coffee house in Colorado
  4. Speaking of coffee... I want to own a chain of coffee houses in Colorado
    I love coffee, you love coffee, let's have a baby and name it coffee
  5. Perfume Creator
    How cool would it be to create good sniffs all day? I love me some good sniffs
  6. Pirate
    Seriously, I would love to plunder me some booty 👌🏻👈🏻
  7. Runway/Lingerie Model
    Yeah, I'd love to be stick thin and run around in super high fashion clothes all day. Let me live!!
  8. Architect
    I loved sims as a kid. Building extravagant properties was my SHIT. I think sims IRL would be cool, plus those neat building blocks to play with, takes me back to a young age.
  9. Gardner
    I have the opposite of a green thumb. Plants die around me. It would be SO cool to eat my own home grown corn! And a greenhouse in the winter would be p bad ass