1. Hi, my name is Nina
    I grew up in a small town in Michigan. It's predominately white and predominantly conservative. My family happens to be flaming liberal. We are originally from Chicago and moved to a small-ass town where we were shunned.
  2. Because my town was predominately white & straight, I never realized there were race and sexuality issues in the world
    It wasn't until high school-early college I realized such atrocities were happening. I'm embarrassed for myself. *please note I had a tv and I had newspapers I just never paid attention to anything but the comics
  3. I had always thought everyone was equal, it never occurred to me to think otherwise. My parents taught me to love and accept all. So I did.
    I never questioned it. I thought others thought the same way.
  4. In a world that seems so full of hate and so full of sadness, fear, anger, confusion, hurt, death and unfair actions I need to say something:
  5. Now, I'm not the most educated, I'm not trying to get on my platform and screech empty words. I keep up to date on the news and everything going on.
    I try to digest everything that's happening, but fuck, it's so hard right now
  6. I just wanted to say that I don't care what race/ethnicity/background/sexuality/orientation you are.
    Hear me out ok
  7. I need you to know that I LOVE YOU and that I am HERE FOR YOU
    I support you, I cherish your life.
  8. I think in such a tumultuous time, with people openly spewing hate, killing and fearing for their life, it's nice knowing that someone has your back.
  9. In a time where everything is so dark, it's important to know that comfort is there. I am HERE. I support and love you and will fight by your side.
  10. People are taking to social media to start bashing and spewing their beliefs.
  11. In all this commotion, I just want to take a second to extend my love and support.
    To those who were affected and need support and love, I'm here. You're hurting, that's ok. Hurt! Be sad! Scream and cry! Know I have your back and I am loving you.
  12. I watched Alton die on a fucking YouTube video. Same with Philando. It was in that moment of being ill and being so sad, I needed to add a little love into the world.
    And that's all I need to say, I love and support you. That's all.
  13. All of my love, world ❤️💛💚💙💜