1. Finally figured out that half bun!!!!
  2. Realized coffee is the best
    This is a daily occurrence. But it needed to be known.
  3. Liquid bandaid is THE SHIT
    I got a paper cut. Then I put it on and GUESS WHAT? PAIN BE GONE!
  4. Applying for jobs isn't so bad. It's the waiting that's the worst
  5. Coming back from vacation to a job you really don't like is incredibly difficult.
    No. No. No. NO!
  6. Being a vegetarian is not that hard
    There are SO MANY OPTIONS
  7. Traveling is fucking great
    And the sleep you get once you've returned from travel is unparalleled.
  8. Fighting for my voice as a woman in a boys network workplace is crucial
    Over and over I've been silenced. I've hit my end and now I'll never stop.