Inspiration struck me at brunch today when I was served a burger with a fried egg on top.
  1. Cheeseburger omelette
  2. Pizza eggs Benedict
  3. Buffalo Dip lasagna
  4. Breakfast burger
    Two pancakes as the buns holding in a maple syrup sausage patty with an egg & hashbrowns
  5. Mimosa Popsicle
    Guys if you're feeling the need to get boozed up on a hot summer day, check this out: (courtesy of @eatthelove)
  6. Tequila sunrise Popsicles
  7. Dried cheese leathers
    Hear me out, this could be fuckin delish: a fried piece of cheese turned into a leather. Similar consistency to a fruit leather. It may NOT work but still.
  8. Apple hashbrowns. Something like apple sauce except it's APPLES
    Cut up just like hashbrowns. Cinnamon, butter & brown sugar used to fry these babies up
  9. What other suggestions can you wonderful people of think of??
    *disclaimer I swear I'm not high, I love weird food combos