There will be complaining ahead.
  1. The B2B cold calling one
    It's ruined me as a human. I used to be kind, nice, open. Now I just want to scream, rip people limb from limb and tell that fucking secretary she's a glorified answering machine.
  2. Pretending I'm happy & love my job at all times
    I'm NOT happy and I DON'T love my job all the time. The company itself is great. My job position is hard, emotionally draining and exhausting. My mom always told me that no one would like me if I acted sad and complained all the time so I rarely do.
  3. The "I have my life figured out at 23" thing
    I'M 23! I barely graduated college. I can't really cook, mango strips are my breakfast/lunch/dinner. I kill all plants I own that AREN'T fake. I don't know if my boyfriend is "the one" but I do know that I really enjoy his company and our adventures, so please shut the fuck up about us getting engaged!
  4. Small talk
    Don't. Stop. Shh. It's sunny and warm, I know because I was outside.
  5. The end of the month business hustle
    I'm not gonna hit my goal and I'm really upset about it pls stop praising those who are and shaming those who aren't.
  6. PMS
    Uterus, could you FUCKING NOT