1. Watching videos of cookies & cakes getting iced
    This is so incredibly soothing. I get lost for hours on these damn things.
  2. Exploring the world on my company's time via Google Earth
    So far I've been to Bali, Russia, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Colorado, Canada & The Caribbean. I love zooming all the way in on little houses and then zooming all the way out to see Earth in its entirety.
  3. Ordering an 18in green and black olive pizza and consuming damn near the entire thing
    My pants are still tight from this last excursion
  4. Making an entire pot of coffee and just sitting and scrolling through the Internet
    I love spending Saturday's this way
  5. Watching reality TV (namely the fucking Kardashian's) from a psychological standpoint
    I cannot get enough of seeing flickers of real emotions. Also who doesn't love a little mind-numbing garbage?
  6. Buying expensive lipstick
    I'll never wear it, but knowing its there is comforting
  7. Watching videos of food being made
    Buzzfeed's Tasty videos are my JAM (pun indented ;))
  8. Picking off shellac nail polish
  9. Picking my nose
    Yeah, there's no shame here