Cheers! I'm incompetent! ✌🏻️
  1. Mortgages
    What? How does this work!!!
  2. APR
    Annual what????
  3. Line of credit
    Mom help
  4. Eating snacks as full meals
    I do this 6/7 nights of the week. I eat enough snacks that I'm full. It works. I'm still alive.
  5. Wake up for work 45 minutes before I need to leave
    I will never not do this. It's why I always look like:
  6. Sports bra vs underwire
    I have big boobs. Sports bras are the hugs and love my girls need.
  7. Ignoring vacuuming and the scuzz on my sink
    Yup. Guilty.
  8. Flinging my clothes everywhere
    I get home after work and my pants and shirt come flying off. I almost took out Prada with my bra one time. Poor kitty.
  9. Playing the "my gas tank light is on" game
    Nothing better than waking up, getting in your car to drive 80mph to get to work by 8:05 then seeing your gas light on. Insta-adrenaline every time.
  10. Making my bed
    I used to love making my bed. Now I could give two fucks what kind of pillows I have and now my duvet looks. Can't win em all. Pls don't tell my mom.