1. I'm at my wits end with my anxiety. I'm constantly nauseous and always worried. My neck is tight my shoulders are rocks. I have questions for people of li.st
  2. What is anti anxiety medication like?
    Are you really in-orgasmic? (Priorities, I know)
  3. What do you feel like? How does it feel when it starts working?
    I'm terrified of having a panic attack when I can feel said medication working.
  4. Have you become dependent?
    Can you live life without the medication?? I'm scared that I'll become addicted and then lose my job and I'll live on the streets
  5. What other types are there aside from Xanax? Does anyone have recommendations on which medication I should be researching?
    I'm interesting because I don't have depression, I'm just hella anxious all. The. Fucking. Time.
  6. What piece of advice would you give to someone whose struggling to stay above the surface?
  7. Any and all words are appreciated. Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my struggling heart ❤️
  8. 5) advice
    Talk therapy talk therapy talk therapy. Get the anxiety (it's not coming from nowhere) off your chest regularly. There are things to do that combat anxiety like breath and sleep and diet but pick and choose what works for you. You are not alone. I am with you in the struggle. We all are. You'll learn to swim with a little help if you ask for it!
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  9. 4) What types are there to research?
    Don't research. WebMD isn't a real doctor. Get a doctor who will talk with you about your unique life and struggles and experiences, and give you the best pill and dose that fits you. Yes, there are side effects to every medication. But don't expect to get the pill you think is best from your online research. Express any questions (write them down beforehand if it helps! A list??? 🙂) to the doctor.
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  10. 3) Have I become dependent?
    Yes and no. I use it because it helps me. I will keep using it as long as I need it. But I can live without it. There are so many people with just anxiety (I have other issues) who taper down, use their meds as needed, or eventually find other coping skills or no longer want it. But it's not crack and not addictive. I take Adderall and had this worry, but my doctor said it's not addictive.
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  11. 2) What does it feel like to me when it starts working?
    It just slowly calms me down, makes me a little sleepy and relaxed, and to me is a big relief knowing when I take a Klonopin as I'm starting to get anxious I have it on my side to combat the anxiety from going out of control.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  12. 1.5) Did they make me inorgasmic?
    No. Every medication has side effects, my anti-anxiety meds just make me sleepy. I will admit, I've started other meds that did make reaching orgasm really difficult, and it was very frustrating. But, that effect wore off and it was a huge relief. Nothing will forever kill your ability though, and you can always always change doses/pill with your doctor.
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  13. 1) What anti-anxiety medications are like (for me)
    Far less of an effect than your muscle relaxer experience 🙂 I take Klonopin and Valium, and have taken Ativan recently. Valium relaxes my tense muscles at night. I take Klonopin daily, a bigger dose when I feel a (triggered or not) anxiety attack coming on, and at night to stop stressful racing thoughts. Ativan is a lot like Klonopin but much quicker. Both make me sleepy. They are meant to. They slow down that overall churning and fear of escalating panic.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  14. Do you practice any kind of meditation?
    Mindfulness mediation was a lifesaver for me. It helped me stay grounded & focused in the moment, keeping my mind from wandering & getting lost in what hadn't even happened yet. Louise Hay might be a good place to start. There's also lots of mindfulness meditation clips on YouTube.
    Suggested by @itsohlivia
  15. I've taken several different SSRIs (a class of anti-anxiety/anti-depressants) and am currently on Lexapro. It's a bit of a guessing game with your doc to figure out which had maximum effectiveness w/ minimal side effects. Many impact orgasms, but talk with your doc.
    And personally, the relief I get in the rest of my life is worth the weaker orgasm tradeoff. I've take them for 2 years and am also a lil worried about taking them forever but: 1) some bodies don't make enough of what we need. Diabetics have to take insulin, we have to take anti-anxiety medicine to keep us healthy. No shame. 2) This isn't meth. You won't be living on the street. It's medicine to help turn down the noise in your brain. Hope this helps. Keep me posted either way 😌
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  16. Also important: talk regularly with a therapist. Can't stress it enough.
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  17. Do you have a talk therapist?
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  18. I'm so sorry you're struggling, I know anxiety is crippling. In college I took Klonopin, it helped me function & get through situations I normally fell apart in. It may be taken only as needed, but there were periods of time when my doctor had me take it nightly, when things were really tough.
    Don't stray from your doctors orders. I took more pills more often just to numb everything...dependency & issues with memory can become a problem. Alcohol & klonopin don't mix. That being said, it can work wonders and help you feel less bogged down in anxiety if used correctly. I hope you find some relief soon 💗
    Suggested by @itsohlivia
  19. I'm also on Lexipro
    I had to be off of it for awhile because of lack of health insurance and although I had some great coping mechanisms, I just function better when I'm on it. The orgasm question is not an issue for me with Lexipro. But like @lillie_dodd said, definitely work with your doctor to figure this out!!! Smooches and hugs to you!💛💛💛
    Suggested by @julieann718
  20. Behavior therapy is important too.
    All mental health agencies and your doc can help you connect with the right one, again trial and error. They will help you learn strategies to deal with anxiety that work for you ie. Yoga, thought stopping, biofeedback, exercise is helpful too. Behavior changing can work wonders and is med free. Be gentle with yourself and remember nothing work anything is easy. You would get treatment if you had a broken bone or cancer etc. this is treatment worthy too :)
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  21. First please know you're not alone!
    Millions of Americans, and other countries too, also suffer from anxiety and related mental challenges. It's hard and It's also overcomeable. The meds, if you're on the right one, won't make you too tired. Adding a multivitamin daily can help with that and with orgasm issues. Most importantly you need to talk to a doctor and if you don't like what they say find another. Meds are like docs, it's trial and error until you find the right one for you. It's different for everyone.
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  22. I'm on Effexor and I really like it! I've been on it for about a year now and I would definitely recommend it.
    As for side effects, I had some bad nausea, but I started taking a fish oil vitamin, and that stopped the nausea. I was also on lexapro, but I stopped taking that because I had terrible side effects. As for being dependent, I am still taking my medication every day, and while it sucks to be so dependent on a medication, I just try to remind myself that people who have diabetes are dependent on insulin, and we shouldn't think of this differently because it's in your brain. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  23. **** I just want to thank everyone who commented with support and love, suggested medication to look at, and offered advice on what to do. This helps me beyond words. My gratefulness and gratitude for everyone's input has filled me with love and knowledge that I am not alone, and things will get better.
  24. **** also I hope this list helps others who are in a similar place as I. Know that I love you and I support you and I'll always be here, worrying (😉) about you too ❤️