Spotify has changed me as a person. Emotionally, physically.
  1. Alright Monday, I've already changed my top once because I spilled my coffee, gotten shampoo in my eyes because of the spider in my shower, left my meatballs on my counter and stepped on my cats' paw give me something good.
    Sorry Prada, forgive me. I know you're going to poop in the middle of my bathtub.
  2. *tries to avoid friendly morning chatter from coworkers only because I am the definition of night owl*
    One of my eyeballs isn't even open ok, it's 7:57am. My coffee is not in my stomach it's on the shirt I left haphazardly on my floor.
  3. It's then I realize it's Monday. It's MONDAY. It's DiscoverWeekly Monday. It's the most glorious day of the week.
    Guys, DW is the shit. I don't care if you agree.
  4. I grab my phone & my headphones and open my Spotify app so fast my iPhone freezes
  5. There it is in all its glory, my new music discoveries just waiting for my eardrums to yay or nay this weeks selection
    Not to brag but I am what I like to call a music connoisseur. I know the finest of music like I know the finest of wines (shut up, nina, I know I know).
  6. For the next hour I am busily working at my desk and jamming out to whatever Spotify's algorithms have decided Nina Kirkpatrick might like
    They aren't disappointing this week, phew
  7. This week happens to be a total hit and I am grateful.
    Last weeks' was shit and guess what? I had a bad week.
  8. Except for THAT song, what the FUCK was that screechy garbage Spotify?? I'm not even though my first cup of coffee yet!!
    Ew, and this one... This one... AND THIS ONE!
  9. I added 3 new songs to my current playlist so I call that a win this week.
    Maybe you'll get 'em next week Spotify. You keep doing you.