1. Instagram
    Oh I LOVE Instagram. It's like my scrapbook without the glitter, paper cuts & clutter. It's also a great place to reflect on all my phases. Especially hair phases. Glorious.
  2. Facebook
    I use Facebook only to 'humble brag' went on a business trip at 23? Facebook. First corporate Christmas party? Facebook. Basketball/hockey/baseball games attended? Facebook. Any and all vacations? Facebook. Positive, uplifting statuses? Facebook. What can I say? I ❤️ the likes. Also, it's a great place for your haters to create false info about you, e.g., "her boyfriend pays for everything" (he doesn't, my bank account assures you).
  3. Twitter
    Rants, opinions & easily digested news. If it's 140+ characters count me out.
  4. Tumblr
    To post racy, nudish photos of myself. Also to create a more-hipster-chill-cool version of IRL self. I just love that a photo of a foot can have 600k notes for its artsiness.
  5. Google+
    Only for my photodumps. This platform makes me LOL
  6. Pinterest
    A much more basic version of Tumblr for the 10-30 year olds to plan a wedding. Also the interface is shit and it's completely overwhelming. I used it (loosely) for apartment ideas. I half executed 1 idea of keys inside a picture frame. Bought the frame that now sits on my kitchen breakfast bar.
  7. Comment Sections
    I rarely participate, I mainly lurk just to see the stupidity, hilarity, and sometimes poignant responses to articles. I'm mainly there for the everyone-tearing-everyone-apart shit-show. It's a good time.