That's right y'all I fuckin' did it
  1. I did my laundry AND put it away
    Like on the hangers not on my floor like normal
  2. Made my lunches for the week
    This is actually the hardest part of Sunday's. I hate cooking
  3. Took the dog for a long walk!
    Don't get excited, I didn't pick up his poop. But that's only because he's a neat shitter and poops in the woods. He likes to be hidden by shrubbery when he does his business. He's private like that.
  4. Cleaned my entire apartment
    Vacuumed, reorganized my coat/shoe closet, put my groceries away
  5. Removed and painted my toenails/fingernails
  6. However I still haven't showered or changed my pants so there's that
    Can't win 'em all, amirite?