With work, my personal life. Everything.
  1. It's why I've been absent.
  2. I'm trying to figure it all out
  3. Where I want to go? What I want to do? Who I want to be?
  4. I must be having a quarter life crisis.
  5. Anyway, today I hit my final breaking point with my job.
    And it broke me hard. I lost a very large part of my "family" today. It was the final blow I needed to finally wake up
  6. And I feel like my boyfriend and I are getting to the breaking point, and that scares the fuck out of me.
    I can tell he's annoyed with me. I'm annoyed with him. Together we just annoy each other.
  7. He wants this and I want that. He wants here and I want there.
    I won't ask him to uproot his life, but I know when I leave it will be without him and with a heavy heart.
  8. So. Everything feels like it's falling apart and I don't want to write it down and have it come to fruition.
    I also don't want to write it down because I'm trying to keep it all together and I feel like there's a lot.
  9. Forgive me Li.st, my sassy, over-the-top lists will return. It's all hands on deck to get through this challenge and then I'll be back ;)