Nothing says crazy cat lady like....
  1. My name is Prada Keeks
    I'm a Gemini Black Bombay kitty that almost 2 years old!
  2. I was adopted in March of 2016 and have been receiving unsolicited squeezes accompanied by selfies ever since.
  3. My likes include catnip, tuna juice, milk rings, plastic wrappers, paper bags, boxes and my scratch post
    Other likes include: meowing at 5:00am to let my mom know that it's morning! My black feather boa, under the chin scratches and belly pets, tripping my mom and zooming around my house when something excites/scares me, hanging out in the cube shelf
  4. I spend my days staring out the balcony window, salivating at the birds that hangout on the trees.
    I also chew on my moms palms and chase bugs around. Gotta keep my ma safe!
  5. Some of my dislike include: being locked out of my moms bedroom, Wilbur, the air conditioner, moms salad containers, the shower curtain.
  6. I'm a handsome fella who likes long ponders in front of the balcony door, the nip, and a nice long snooze in the sunlight
  7. Cheers!