I'm sorry to be that woman right now but I'm so fucking pissed
  1. Saying good morning and receiving a cold "morning" while watching the guys huddle up and talk and laugh loudly
    Maybe it's just me....?
  2. Watch someone who started 2 months ago receive something that those of us who've been in the position for a year not even have discussed with us
  3. Being mansplained every time I open my mouth to add in a valid point
    This is why I no longer open my mouth.
  4. Getting the "I'm talking" finger
    Boy you better move that finger before I break it off!
  5. Watching as the guys huddle up around lunch time seeing who else they'll invite while blatantly ignoring the women. My two coworkers are pretty dispersed between men. They say "is that everyone, yeah? Ok let's go"
    Half the time I'm tempted to say "sorry I don't think I received an invite" but I don't because they wouldn't acknowledge I'm even alive
  6. Never receiving recognition for when I out perform most men team members on the team.
    I broke a record held in my department and it goes unrecognized. A guy who can barely perform does a single task and receives high fives, hollers and recognition. Ok????
  7. Watching someone who can't produce be promoted into a leadership role
    While watching a woman who can produce amazing results be pushed down over and over again even though it's past the time of a promised promotion.
  8. Not getting credit for an idea of mine. Or even a campaign of mine.
    Thanks? But?
  9. Consistently looked down upon getting the "she's clearly pmsing because she got angry about whatever they get angry about"
    Ummmm wrong? Also, it's not PMS its your BS.
  10. Is it like this everywhere? Are all workplaces in the United States like this????? I honestly need to know