1. This idiot (me) loves some goddamn stretchy pants
    Specifically Old Navy's active wear
  2. Stretchy pants are like the moment you fall into bed after a long day, a shower after a sweaty day in the sun, a cold glass of water when ya thirsty as hell
    Bonus, the booty look good
  3. I work in an office setting where I can't wear my stretchies.
    Jeans are a work of Satan. They cut into the pouch I call my cookie-cupboard and leaves lines and always manage to find a way up my asshole.
  4. As soon as the clock strikes 5 my bra is coming off and my stretchy pants are put on
    I live 5 minutes away from my office. I take my bra off as soon as I hit the driver's seat. My pants are unbuttoned as soon as I'm out of the work driveway.
  5. Putting on the stretchy pants I do my happy dance and plop on my couch
    I fuckin love these bastards. I'd marry 'em