It's the little things
    I feel like I'm flying! The release of endorphins is indescribably amazing
  2. This bouquet of flowers my mom surprised me with when we went to Trader Joe's
    Especially since our house caught on fire last night. I've never needed her long distance love more as I felt so terrified that I wasn't home to "save" my family from something I fear
  3. MY MOM!
    She's a super hero. She's MY super hero. She's my rock and I would be so lost without her.
  4. MY DAD!
    Here he is being he baddest bitch ever. He's also my rock and shows me support. his tough exterior has made me the strong woman I am today. Thank you dad I love you
  5. Prada the Bombay
    I love this asshole so much
  6. My garden on my balcony
    Finally feeling like home!!
  7. My boyfriend and my other fur friend, Wilbur
    I have so much love for both of you I cannot describe it.
  8. Memes & really bad puns
    If you ever hear me shrieking it's probably one of two things: spiders or bad puns
  9. NEATure
    Especially mountains, water, sunsets
  10. Good architecture
    Secretly I want to be an architect/designer
  11. Coffee
    The picture says it all
  12. My dads homemade pizza
    I live 130 miles away and seeing this picture hurts
  13. My grandpa
    You are the best human alive. I'm so glad I can hear your stories. You're amazing.
  14. This doggo
    Been with me for 14 years ❤️✌🏻️
  15. Travel & mountains
  16. My brother, snowboarding & winter
    I'm the devil. I know.
  17. Chipotle
    *not my photo