no where is safe. not even Yosemite.
  1. 11:34am David's, New Buffalo MI
    silent... but deadly 👌🏻
  2. 4:43pm Indo Bugo, Three Oaks MI
  3. 5:29pm Hardings, Three Oaks MI
  4. 8:03pm Zack's Basement, Grand Rapids MI
  5. 10:50am Zack's bed, Grand Rapids MI
    Not sorry! Not even a little!
  6. 12:31pm Cascade Meijer, Grand Rapids MI
  7. 1:25pm Starbucks, Wyoming MI
  8. 4:43pm Maximus, Wyoming MI
  9. 5:45pm Family Fare, Grandville MI
  10. 7:59am SEI, Kentwood MI
  11. 2:26pm SEI, Kentwood MI
    It squeaked out as I was getting off my standing desk chair. No one noticed. I think.
  12. 4:05pm Manager's Office, Kentwood MI
    I could not hold it in. Sorry.
  13. 6:56pm My Neighbors Balcony, Kentwood MI
  14. 7:25pm Near the dumpster of my apartment complex, Kentwood MI
  15. 1:45pm Stanaback Park, Breton Hills MI