One of my darker lists
  1. How does one make peace with their body?
  2. Will I ever stop resorting to cruel insults when I feel attacked?
  3. Will I ever stop second guessing myself?
  4. Will I ever have friends?
  5. Am I too snarky?
  6. Will I ever feel stable?
    Financially, physically, emotionally?
  7. Somehow over night will I gain the ability to become a sort famous popstar?
    I'm in it for the make up artist
  8. Will I ever be able to drink wine again?
    Confession time: I have really bad anxiety and I started to notice every time I drink I get extremely anxious and panicky. I said for my New Year's Resolution I was giving up alcohol. It's now June and I'm missing wine:(
  9. What is life like without anxiety?
  10. Similarly, what is it like not having a constant racing mind?
  11. What is it like to be free?
  12. What is life like outside of US soil?