Because it's Monday morning and I'm stuck in my cube and I'd rather not do work just yet
  1. My family's laughter in the kitchen
    I miss this since I've fully moved out 😕
  2. The smell/sounds of coffee being made
    Purely orgasmic
  3. Kitty purrs
    That with the little kneading thing they do, my heart explodes
  4. My boyfriend snoozing beside me
    Except his morning breath could take down an elephant.
  5. The sounds of rain hitting my window
  6. The sound of snowplows
    Winter is my favorite season, yes I know I'm Satan, but hearing the snowplow reminds me of my childhood and being able to go snowboarding
  7. Thunder
  8. The sound waves, boats zooming across the water mixed with a little laughter & chatter
    There is something so soothing about napping on a beach
  9. My accidental alarm on Saturday morning and realizing I DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK!
  10. The oven beeping signaling my mom has just whipped up a Dutch baby
    Re: bullet point #1